Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New & Want to Knit Socks

Hi, everyone! I'm new here ... I'm Beth, a 37-yo SAHM who has been knitting for a while now. I can officially say I'm addicted to it and especially making dishcloths, but I haven't yet made hats or socks. I'm scared of knitting beyond two needles.

Any advice? It would be MUCHO appreciated!


Laurie said...

Hats are a great way to use circular needles...still two needles, just connected with a "string". I also use two circular needles for socks, rather than dpn's. The cool thing about knitting with circulars is that you just keep knitting round and round. Start with a hat!

Madge said...

I second Laurie. A hat on circular needles is a great advanced beginner project!

The Ugly Knitter said...

I'm starting socks, too! I'm starting the heel on my first sock. I've made fingerless gloves on dpn's before. But the yarn and needles weren't nearly as tiny. It's actually going better than I anticipated. I picked a fairly easy pattern to follow.

Good luck!