Friday, January 4, 2008

Maybe Not

I'm not sure colorwork is going to be the right thing for me.

I don't feel so fearless anymore.

I knitted one pattern repeat of the Endpaper Mitts, just to practice and get a feel for things.

I'm feeling something alright, but it's not happy feelings.

More gory details at my blog.

I was especially frustrated by tangling yarns, tension issues, and reading the chart. I knit continental style, and I'm holding both colors in my left hand.

I'm thinking a larger project on bigger needles might be easier. A hat maybe.


LotusKnits said...

Deep breathing, Cass. You're learning something new. It's going to be frustrating for a bit. Put it down, work on something simple for a day and then try again.

Are you working flat or in the round?

Be sure to spread your stitches out on the right hand needle when moving to a different color and that will help with your floats and tension. Use a chart guide (like the one from KP) or a sticky note to keep place with what row you're on if you need it.

You can do this. No knitting shall get the best of you!

Rachel said...

I applaud you that you jumped right into it! I'm about to get the yarn to start something colored so I'll be in pain right along with you soon! I like lotus's suggestion, deep breath and know it'll take a bit of time and struggle to conquer something new. By the way, remind me of that when I start mine!