Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aran Sweater

Hi All! I just joined the KAL today. My brother asked me to knit him an Irish Aran Sweater with our family's clan design on it. I've never knit something so complicated, with so many cables, and I've never knit a man's sweater! He's ordering the kit and the yarn, but I don't think that will arrive until March or so, as it is coming from Ireland! Then, I'll start the knitting. Fingers crossed, I might be able to finish this in the next decade!

Wish me luck!


Madge said...

Good luck!

LotusKnits said...

Looks like fun!! Keep us posted on your adventure!

Heather said...

I believe my Mom made a few sweaters that complicated when my Dad was alive for him. I do remeber one that looked exactly like that one
her blog is]
If you want to ask her about it.

zippiknits said...

Good luck to you! I am knitting an Aran for my Hubby that comes from Drops Studio. Keep knitting on it everyday or so and it will get done. Don't do what I've done, set it down and gotten busy with something else. lol

Jayne said...

Hi, my name is Jayne and I was surfing and came across your blog about the Aran sweater you were going to knit from Clan Aran. I also sent away for a pattern from Clan Arans about 2 years ago. I have finished the back and am starting the front after a very long hiatus. I am finding the pattern very difficult to follow and the end result does not look quite like the picture that Clan Arans has on their website. I was wondering if you had the same experience? The directions are really horrible!