Thursday, December 6, 2007

A game plan

Hello everyone!

My name's Christina and I blog over here. Ho boy, do I need this challenge.

The two skills I haven't developed yet that really hinder me are sock knitting (I've got a toe-up sock knitted up to the heel, but the short row heel confused me so it's been sitting for a while) and colorwork (I've had the yarn for Endpaper Mitts for almost a year now).

The sock in question, using the toe-up pattern from IK Summer 2007 and the stitch pattern from Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Fancy Sock, in KnitPicks Risata:

Dandy Socks Dandy Socks

I'm also keen to learn duplicate stitch, knitting in the round with two circulars, and lace. Knitting entrelac and knitting with beads are two things I haven't tried yet and would like to, but they don't make me particularly nervous. Well, maybe a little.

It'll be nice to meet everyone and really fun to see what we all work on. Bon courage to us all!

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LotusKnits said...

Welcome! I can't wait to see what you'll work on!