Thursday, December 6, 2007

Conquering my first fear

Thank you for the invitation. I am a neophyte to blogging so I will consider this my first fear challenge. I hope I won’t embarrass myself.

I confess I cheated. I’m aware we have an official start date, but I couldn’t wait. I was intrigued by a sock my daughter was knitting with the Magic Loop technique during her Thanksgiving visit. Mastering Magic Loop was going to my first challenge, but an early snowstorm convinced me that my need for mittens outweighed offending anyone for starting early. With lots of suggestions from Ravelry members, I now have one mitten. It took a few “restarts” but I eventually got the hang of it. I’m doing an empirical test by doing the second mittens on my trusty dpns. It will be interesting if there are any noticeable differences.

Now that I blatantly ignored the guidelines, I’m going to recklessly continue. The Quant pattern on Knitty will not only be my “great introduction to entrelac” but it will be something to help me get through a 10 hour plane trip next weekend. I will try to restrain myself until my return trip after New Year’s, but I won’t make any promises.

As I have firsthand experience of the wealth of knowledge and willingness to give assistance by the Ravelry community, I anticipate we're starting a wonderful adventure.



LotusKnits said...

Congrats on getting a start! Add a photo when you're comfortable, or we can help you with that if you need it.

Carry on! You rock! And welcome!

Christina (vorare) said...

Wow! I was already excited about this, but reading that you've already started makes me look forward to it even more. You're an inspiration!

themamajama said...

Photos??? Now I'm really being pushed out of my comfort zone. I just got a new camera but I'm continuing my tradition of having it in my purse but never remembering to take a picture - sigh. Sooo-I'm going to try my usual mother's ploy. I'll be with one DD this weekand and will try the "I don't understand all this techie stuff...would you do it for me?" I'll ask pretty please and think of something to offer as a bribe.
I just hope you guys don't figure out how to contact my DDs and warn them of my devious plots.