Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Project Ideas

Well would you look at that? The Winter 2007 Knitty is up just in time for us to start thinking about our first fear-conquering projects!

There's a cute entrelac headband called Quant.

And Three Tams, which is similar to the Fake Isle hat, for those who want to try 2 color stranding. Then there's the slightly more difficult Fair Isle Rapids for those who are up to the challenge.

and Ice Queen for those of you who'd like a touch of lace.

So have you thought about what your first challenge will be? I'd like to try Endpaper Mitts, though I might start with something larger. I'm still thinking.

What about you? Also, please feel free to introduce yourselves and say hi!

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Caroline said...

I think my first project will be entrelac socks. I think I'll go with the Annetrelac socks from the Holiday Gifts issue of IK. I also have another "Fearless" project that is not knitting: I want to learn to spin!