Friday, February 22, 2008

First Colorful Step Toward Goals

Hi Fearless ladies! I finally have something to contribute to the KAL...not much knitting time and when I have it, I've been finishing off some gifts lately instead of working on new, exciting techniques. But I'm a bit closer to one of my goals for this KAL...becoming comfortable with sock knitting. So I finally finished the pair of socks I started last fall. You can see more details if you are interested at my blog.

The first was knit with the help of a class instructor...the second was knit on my own over the past few weeks. I like how they turned out but I do have a couple questions for any of you willing to answer...

I did have a bit of a ladder problem but it was just when I had to K1, SSK at the start of a needle. I pulled as tight as I could but still seemed to have this problem. Suggestions anyone of anything I can do except just pull even tighter??

Finally, I got 'the hole'. The dreaded hole. Only on one side of the heel but there is a hole and I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions for that. It's a slip-knit heel flap which I think is pretty standard. It seems I heard from somewhere that maybe if you slip that first stitch knitwise instead of purlwise...or you twist it some way...or you knit that first stitch of the first row of the heel instead of slipping it...I'll stop but I'd welcome suggestions.

As for now, I think that I'll be casting on another pair this weekend (once I decide on a pattern). I'm also close to being able to cast on one or two other things that will work toward my goals of this KAL...I'll update as I go cuz I'm sure I'll have questions and need some support!

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Chelsea said...

As for the ladders, those are tricky. Mine got better with time, but I still get them occasionally. If you used 4 dpns try using 5. It will relieve the tension on the stitches. Two circs or magic-loop will help as well for some people. They should get better after a few washes.

As for the hole, that's a little easier. I generally pick up a couple extra stitches at either side of the instep along with all the slipped stitches for the gusset. Since you will be decreasing for the gusset anyway, a few extra stitches to decrease doesn't really matter.

Your socks look great! Much better than my first pair!