Wednesday, November 19, 2008


***Stickying this post so new folks can read all about us. New posts start the next post down!***

This KAL will begin January 1, 2008 and run all year long! You can sign up any time!

The purpose of this KAL is to address and resolve our knitting fears, regardless of complexity. My hope is that we will have a fair mix of members who want to try different things and some seasoned vets willing to offer advice, guidance, and assistance. Please feel free to join us! Doesn't matter how long you've been knitting or what you'd like to conquer!

Since many people will have different goals, this could get a little hairy. To help keep things in order, please use the labels located on the bottom bar of each of your posts as a reference. Good ones to use include the technique you're discussing (fair isle) and/or the project you're working on. As we accumulate members, we'll post links to patterns that folks are working on. We will also probably create a Ravelry group just for fun. There will also be links to helpful websites with tips and ideas for each technique, so if you run across something particularly helpful let us know and we'll add it!

How to join: Email me at and I'll add you to the KAL! Also please provide your blog link OR ravelry name if you have one so we can add you to the sidebar.

Assistance: If you'd like to offer help/guidance/tips in a particular area (or several), please let me know and I'll create a section for 'helpers'. If you'd like to help moderate, I'm sure I could use it!

Buttons/Banner: If anyone would like to create a button or banner, gimme a shout!

Thanks for visiting! Join us, won't you?


loopette said...

Thanks so much for starting this KAL!

Can't wait to get started after the new year begins.

CurlyCue said...

I've decided to face my fears of lace and blocking by making the Shetland Triangle. I have my yarn, and I'm buying the book this weekend. I can't wait!!

monnibo said...

*raises hand* I'll make a button!

Kris said...

Ooo this is a great idea. I think I'll have to join. ;)

Beth said...

Where do we officially sign up? I want to knit socks so badly. I'm hoping something like this can help.

Kris said...

I sent an email to join shortly after I posted my comment but I haven't heard anything yet? D:

LotusKnits said...

Kris - I don't see an email from you, but I did leave a comment on your blog asking for information so I can add you here. Please email me at lotusknits AT gmail DOT com and I'll send you an invite.